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    Post by SylenThunder on Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:44 am


    So, you would like to join the IceDrakes family? Glad to hear it. First I need you to check out the rules. If you will be unable to abide by these, I am sorry, this faction is not for you.

    Rule 1: Respect the individual members of this faction. EVERY member of this faction deserves you tolerance. Disrespect and/or intolerance are grounds for removal from the faction.

    Rule 2: Be nice to each other. This includes faction and non-faction. Politeness and manners count. If you don't want something done or said to you, don't say or do it to anyone else. REMEMBER, when you are out in the world with the faction name over your head, you represent this faction. Behave appropriately please.

    Rule 3: Keep faction chat clean. Remember our members come in all ages. Chat needs to be appropriate for ages 13 to 113. =) Inappropriate faction chat is grounds for removal from the faction.

    When you are a member of the IceDrakes, you represent the guild as a whole. Keep this thought in mind when interacting with other players in the world. We are a friendly faction, and do our best to help others. We are not a small faction, or a noob faction, and we have a reputation to uphold. Any member that leaves the faction and wishes to be re-invited must discuss it with the Leader, and may only be re-invited by either the Leader or the Director.

    Thank you,

    IceDrakes Leader

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