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    Shadow Request and Application


    Shadow Request and Application Empty Shadow Request and Application

    Post by sinnoaria on Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:18 pm

    Sierras, Level 73 Cleric (Money+Hybrid Build. Mainly Arcane. Unsure if
    I want to go LA, continue on money build path, or go Arcane with a

    Aniyai, Level 21 Wizard (Husband)

    (Can't make a new thread in the application section)

    Rez = 10
    IH = 10
    VS = 10
    MS = 10
    CGS = 10
    SG = 10
    GPA = X
    AS = X
    ER = X
    AE = X
    RB = X
    BB = X
    Pur = 5

    if it is possible for us to join, would it be possible to first shadow
    an event (like helping someone in a squad (say with a field boss) or a WB secondary party). I'm currently
    in a faction and not sure if I want to leave (I'm sure that a few
    people understand how hard it can be to leave a faction/guild).

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